Work in Progress: SDF-1 Legs Day Two

I had a lot of fun working on the SDF-1 leg today, much more fun than yesterday. I made significant progress and I’m starting to see it coming together – even though I know I still have a long, long, long way to go. The pic below is from the morning:

After about 2 hours of work

Although I made a lot of progress, it is a slow build. So far I have spent two days on this one leg. I have rebuilt section after section after section over and over again, it is very tedious. Even when I ‘finish‘ this leg I’ll still have to rebuild parts of it depending on what I select to store inside of it (perhaps a version of Macross City). Also because I’m short on so many pieces I have to use my bucket of old spare pieces to fill in the gaps. If it wasn’t for those parts I don’t know where I would be at in this build.

Starting to build the bottom of the leg, about 4 hours into the build.

I realized a haven’t posted a pic of the whole ship together to show all of the progress, so here is a quick pic of that:

Progress to date, quite a bit more work to do but at least it is starting to look more like the SDF-1.

Just this one leg has decimated many types of my inventory of plates and bricks; I’ll need to order hundreds of more pieces to finish this ship. So yet again back to Bricklink I go to search for blue, white, yellow and black LEGOs. Because of the shortage I won’t be able to do too much tomorrow to progress this leg. Maybe I’ll spend time working on the second part of the white center section, hopefully I’ll have enough white pieces for that.

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