Work in Progress: The Main Guns


Having some issues with proportions.

Above is a snapshot of about a full day of work. So far I have good feel for how the main guns will look – the only issue I may have is with the length (not sure if it is long enough). I have already discovered that even though I have purchased thousands of pieces, I am short of some critical pieces just for this first part of the build. I have begun to keep a list of needed parts; I’m planning on at least one or two Bricklink orders over the weekend. Because of my part shortage I can only do one Main Gun at a time, which I probably should do anyway to work out the kinks.

The build has come to somewhat of a complete stop because of some major proportional issues. I have to decide how wide the main center section should be, 8x or 10x? Even though this is supposed to be Section 4 of the build, I need to figure out the dimensional width of the Section 4 in order to finish Section 2 and start Section 3. If you take a close look at Section 2 you will see the indent around Section 4, the issue now is what is the correct width of the indent? Also, another issue with sizing the indent is that main center section of the SDF-1 curves out as you move toward the middle, see the line art below:

The center section of the Battlecruiser is not a box.

The main center section of the SDF-1 actually has lots of curves, on both the X-axis and Y-axis. The section is not a tube, but it definitely not a box. That said, LEGO is better used to build boxes than structures with curves. So back to my dilemma: should I build the center section as a box? Should that box be 8x or 10x?  Or should I attempt some form of curve effect…and how would I do that? And if so, still, how wide should it be and thus how wide should I make the Main Gun indent?

I’m at crossroads and it is only Day 2….it is probably best at this point to spend some more time on Bricklink….


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