Work in Progress II: Center Section

I was able to make more progress on refining the second half of the center section, see picture below:

I added more detail to the bottom portion to fill in this gap:

The challenge with this section is building it so it folds properly into the first section for transformation, it sounds easy but of course it was not. Fortunately with a few tricks and determination I was able to get it to work. This is where I am at now:

There is still work to do to finish cleaning up the gap. Also, the mismatch colors are due to my shortage or white LEGO.

I’m still short on white pieces thus the mismatch colors. This section will be all white and all new LEGO pieces once I’m done. Here is a picture of middle section as I tested it for transformation:

Front View

Back View

I would have preferred the top section to sit a little deeper into the first section but this was the best I could do and I think it is very close to the line art I have of the SDF-1. I’m not going to do too much more with the second half of the middle section until I receive more white pieces. This was fun to build (so far) and it turned out better than I expected.

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