Which SDF-1 to Build?

My first decision is which SDF-1 to build: should it be the traditional Macross SDF-1 or the Do You Remember Love SDF-1? Decisions, decisions, decisions. The DYRL SDF-1 is by far the more complicated, detailed and complex SDF-1 – and not to mention the most popular version with Macross fans. I still love the original version more so for nostalgia, but even nostalgia can’t trump the shear coolness and complexity of the DYRL version:

My building experience has only been building the original SDF-1 out of LEGO, but after admiring the numerous DYRL SDF-1 pictures available online my interest in constructing that version definitely piqued.  For the DYRL version though I would need a ton and a half of gray and dark gray bricks – as opposed to a ton and a half of blue and white bricks for the original SDF-1. Unfortunately, the economics of it all made the decisions for me. Checking Bricklink I recognized there was significant price difference and availability for gray bricks vs. white and blue bricks. It appears it would be way cheaper for me to build the traditional Macross SDF-1.

The traditional SDF-1 would also be a bit easier for me to build too since I have built that version in the past, but it is a little disappointing to not be taking on DYRL. Maybe if I have the time and extra finances later in the year I might consider taking on the more complex and challenging DYRL version. Above all though, I’ll wait to see how the Macross community reacts to my original SDF-1 version I’m preparing to build now.

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