It is really, really, really hard to find time to spend finishing my LEGO SDF-1. Fortunately I am an entrepreneur and I love it, but unfortunately it leaves me very little free time, even on weekends! I took a break this Saturday and my wife was out of the house all day visiting friends leaving me alone with my favorite LEGO project. I didn’t get that much accomplished today, but still it was fun. Here is a snapshot of the bottom of the legs. I think I’m going to switch out the boosters though:

To give you an idea of the weight of the ship so far, just one hallow leg alone is 3 lbs. I don’t want to guess what the weight of the entire ship is now, but please know it is heavy! Because of the weight, I’m using six 1×1 plates (you can see on the far right) as pegs for the ship to stand on when either standing upright in crusier mode or after transformation. I would rather the 1×1 plates get scratched up over time on surfaces than the entire bottom of the legs.

Inside the left leg (just as shown in the DYRL version of the SDF-1) I also started to build a miniature version of Macross City. I’m using Lifelights inside to light it up to give it some special effects and a city feel. I’m not sure if I like how Macross City is currently constructed, I think I want to give it a more uniform color palette to make it look more like a city. I purchased a bunch of gray pieces from Bricklink that I plan on using, I may swap some of those pieces with the current color pieces, or I may just scrap it and start over.

With the change in color palette I was thinking of purchasing new Lifelites encased in gray bricks to match, the current lights I have are in red bricks. Starting the city over with new lights would be a hassle, running those wires and then building around them to hide them is challenging, especially in such a small space. Macross City as currently constructed has space for three Lifelight 2×4 bricks, consisting of 12 lights in total.

Most of the time the SDF-1 is dismantled, here are a few pics of me putting it back together.

I’ve done about all I can do right now with Macross City until I get a new order of Lifelites. My next phase is construction of the Deadalus and Prometheus carriers. This will be a difficult build because I want the carriers to be faithful to the series but I must also attempt to make them as light as possible. In previous LEGO SDF-1 models the weight of the carriers has been an issue in both cruiser and attack modes.

If the carriers are too heavy the’yll lean off of sides of the SDF-1 legs in crusier mode. After transformation if they are too heavy then they may be too much for the joint to hold. This is again why I may be forced to use glue to make sections of the ship sturdy enought to support the weight of various sections.

For now my focus is on planning out the dimensions of the carriers and to start ordering the appropriate gray LEGOs from Bricklink. Hopefully I’ll find some more time to work on the ship this month.

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