Daikoncat’s VF-1S Valkyrie Skull Leader

This is my first post not dedicated to my own LEGO SDF-1 creation and I couldn’t think of a more deserving Macross LEGO model than Daikoncat’s VF-1S Skull Leader Valkyrie. There are a number of LEGO Valkyries out there online but not many, if any, reach the level of detail and quality as this one. It’s faithful to the original in its transformation, color scheme, weaponry and even scale (1/55).

LEGO Roy Focker VF-1S Valkyrie Fighter Mode

Skull Leader in Fighter Mode.

LEGO VF-1S Skull Leader Valkyrie Gerwalk Mode

Skull Leader in Gerwalk Mode.

LEGO Skull Leader Valkyrie Battroid Mode

Skull Leader in Battroid Mode

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