SDF-1 Bridge

This weekend I finally took on building the SDF-1’s bridge and radar tower. I’ve attempted to build the bridge in the past but I never really put much energy or effort in to it, I would just slap a few pieces together and then get distracted with building larger more complex portions of the ship. This time was different; I set a goal to build the bridge no matter what. Starting the build I anticipated that I may not have all the pieces that I would need, but I decided if that was the case I could just use old or mismatch color pieces as place holders.

Unlike certain parts of the SDF-1, I had some pretty detailed artwork to help me out:

SDF-1 Bridge Exterior

SDF-1 Bridge Exterior Line Art

One drawback to having this much detail is that you want to replicate it all in LEGO, but with the bridge/radar tower’s relatively very small size that would be impossible. Therefore Continue reading