More Reconstruction

The appearance of second half of the center white section (the section the bridge sits on) had been bothering me for a while; I felt it was not scaled correctly. The more I looked at the section and compared it to the pictures the more I could see a few of the curves and angles were off. What I noticed was when the bottom of section begins to curve inwards, the start of the curve is aligned to the middle of the circular section, see image:

Note the horizontal red line.

However on my LEGO SDF-1 the inward curve began to high up, at the top of the circle: Continue reading

Work in Progress: Center Section

This project is a beast! I’m running out of so many types of LEGOs, I totally underestimated how many pieces this project would require. Today I submitted two more Bricklink orders for pieces, on top of the three orders I already have outstanding. I am afraid to tally how much this ship has cost; I’ll wait to add it up when I’m done.

Today I worked on the second half on the white center section, the section of the ship that the bridge sits on. The tricky part about this section is that rotates clockwise into the first half of the white center section when the ship transforms. In order for me replicate that important feature I have to find the best point of rotation. Again, I am working only with pictures I found online of the SDF-1, I don’t have a toy or model to assist me. I’m building the rotation points with simple Technic pin 1×2 bricks. Below is a photo of the section after I determined the best points for rotation.

It took a long time to find the best points! It was not easy, a lot of trial and error!

Next I had to determine how long the section should be; again I used the images available to me.

I used these images to determine how long the section should be (how far over the legs did it extend).

Compared to everything else, determing the length was easy

Below is a picture of my first attempt to build this section out after I pinpointed the points of rotation. You’ll notice I’m using other color LEGO in this section besides white; that is because I ran out of many of the required white bricks and plates and was forced to use my old spare bricks as substitutes. After I built this section and took this picture I decided it was too bulky/blocky and took it apart. Again, just like the leg the slopes and angles were the source of the problem, replicating them is no easy task. With the first attempt I felt the slopes I created were not faithful to the images I had of the SDF-1 and I knew I could do better.

Not exactly what I wantedAfter hours and hours (approx. 10) and many more versions this is the best version I was able to create:

I did the best I could to be faithful to the SDF-1 images.

I used wedge plates to create the outer angles and inverted slopes for the inner ones. I was also able to match it closely to the images I have of the SDF-1. I’m happy with how this section has turned out (so far), but there is still a lot of work to do here: I’m still missing many of the pieces that I need and I still need to finish the bottom/back of this section. Also, this section is mostly hollow and I am planning something special for the inside!

Being short of so many critical pieces I am not sure what I’ll be able to work on tomorrow. I’ll sleep on it.

Rick likes what he sees so far...

Getting Started!

Since I don’t have a model to use for the build (like an old SDF-1 toy or model kit) I plan to rely totally on images I saved from the internet, such as these favorites:

Most, if not all, Macross/Robotech fans have seen this line art a thousand and one times. I first saw this artwork back in the early 90s when I purchased “Robotech Art 2.” The only downside to using online images is that most of the quality detailed ones are black and white line art which makes it hard to distinguish the exact color scheme (I’ll try to speak more on that later). However I have faith that these images will be just about enough, they have worked perfectly for me in the past.

So far I have I placed 6 orders at various Bricklink stores and 3 have been delivered already. I have also made one trip to the LEGO Store, but I think it will be my last since I need so many specific pieces it would be best just to buy everything on Bricklink. The total cost so far has been around $400, I’m hoping that I have already purchased the majority of the pieces required and that the budget for this project won’t exceed $500 – time will tell.

This is what I have so far, still waiting for more deliveries from Bricklink

How do I know what bricks/plates/tiles/etc. to buy?

I really don’t. Obviously I know I need an abundance of blue and white bricks and plates. So I just went ahead a brought a bunch of those. I also have tub full of a few hundred old miscellaneous pieces that I have been using to build miniature mock-ups of certain parts of the SDF-1. By playing around with those pieces I could tell I would need a number of tiles, slopes, inverted slopes, modified bricks, etc.

However I would say 50% of my brick buying has been based on guesses. I examine the line-art and then browse through Bricklink. If I see pieces that resembles the line art, or pieces that I want to experiment with I buy them. I know at the end of this process I’ll probably end up with buckets of unused brand new pieces that just didn’t work out, but I rather have too many LEGO for this project as opposed to too little.