The Legs of the SDF-1

I predict building the legs will be diabolically challenging, some of the hardships include:

  • the dimensions: length, width and height
  • the weight
  • how to securely connect them to the rest of the ship
  • ensuring the legs will be able to support the weight of the ship after transformation
  • the elongated slope of the legs

Yep, this will be extremely hard – and a lot of the factors are interrelated: A) The larger I build the legs, B) the heavier they will be, C) and the more support they will need when I connect them to the ship. No factor can be considered without weighing the others.

Another issue is again scale, in most of the SDF-1 line art the legs are drawn shorter in cruiser mode and then longer after transformation. Obviously the line art has not been drawn to scale and unfortunately for me that is primary resource for this build. I would prefer to avoid another scenario where I build a section and discover it is not to scale (too short in this case) and thus forcing me to once again reconstruct. Only time will tell if I’ll be successful on my first attempt.

Also another unfortunate point about using the line art is often details about the ship differ. For example this angle on the lower half of the legs:

Which angle to choose for the build? Also note the differences around the black stripe.

The more I think about building this next section I think the word ‘hard’ is an understatement. The legs will most likely be the most difficult portion of the ship to build; if the legs are not built to the correct scale it will make the SDF-1 look unrealistic either in cruiser mode and/or after transformation. If the legs are too heavy I won’t be able to connect them soundly to the ship. If the leg’s footprint is not large enough after transformation the ship will not be able to stand. Perhaps most critical, the legs extend out from the ship to give it more height, a feature I will need to duplicate. At this time I’m very unsure how I will replicate this critically vital feature in LEGO.

Maybe I should have purchased a SDF-1 model or toy from eBay before I embarked on this ambitious build. Perhaps having a physical SDF-1 could answer some of these questions, but honestly I would rather spend that money on LEGOs for this project.