SDF-1 Bridge

This weekend I finally took on building the SDF-1’s bridge and radar tower. I’ve attempted to build the bridge in the past but I never really put much energy or effort in to it, I would just slap a few pieces together and then get distracted with building larger more complex portions of the ship. This time was different; I set a goal to build the bridge no matter what. Starting the build I anticipated that I may not have all the pieces that I would need, but I decided if that was the case I could just use old or mismatch color pieces as place holders.

Unlike certain parts of the SDF-1, I had some pretty detailed artwork to help me out:

SDF-1 Bridge Exterior

SDF-1 Bridge Exterior Line Art

One drawback to having this much detail is that you want to replicate it all in LEGO, but with the bridge/radar tower’s relatively very small size that would be impossible. Therefore Continue reading

Main Gun Tips Minor Reconstruction

Please forgive me for being away for so long! I FINALLY took some time this weekend to work on the SDF-1, albeit I only had time to work a very small section: the white tips of the Main Guns. This section has always bothered me; I never felt I got them completely right.

My first issue with this section is the gap in the slope, in the series of 2 x 3 slope bricks you can see one of the studs right at the transition point. This is only place on ship where a stud sticks out like this. I’m no LEGO purist but I do feel that this breaks some kind of unwritten rule. Either way, it has always bothered me and I wanted to use a technique to build this slope that would not result in exposed studs.

LEGO SDF-1 Main Gun Problem Section

Exposed Studs on the left and the center section has 5 different angles.

Second you’ll notice when looking at the diagrams below that the front tips of the SDF-1 Continue reading

No, LEGO SDF-1 Is Not Dead.

Sorry kid, we don't have that new LEGO SDF-1. The guy ain't finish it yet!

I’m sure if you’ve stopped by here anytime over the last six months you’re probably thinking this blog is DEAD. What’s up with the LEGO SDF-1, no updates in six months? Is the ship ever going to be finished? This builder has up and disappeared!

It’s sad, but the truth is I haven’t had any time to work on the model, none, zero, zilch. Along with building my LEGO SDF-1 I’m also building my own business and that requires me to work seven days a week. It is my dream to work for myself and this is one shot in Continue reading


It is really, really, really hard to find time to spend finishing my LEGO SDF-1. Fortunately I am an entrepreneur and I love it, but unfortunately it leaves me very little free time, even on weekends! I took a break this Saturday and my wife was out of the house all day visiting friends leaving me alone with my favorite LEGO project. I didn’t get that much accomplished today, but still it was fun. Here is a snapshot of the bottom of the legs. I think I’m going to switch out the boosters though:

To give you an idea of the weight of the ship so far, just one hallow leg alone is 3 lbs. I don’t want to guess what the weight of the entire ship is now, but please know it is heavy! Because of the weight, I’m using six 1×1 plates (you can see on the far right) as pegs for the ship to stand on when either standing upright in crusier mode or after transformation. I would rather the 1×1 plates get scratched up over time on surfaces than the entire bottom of the legs. Continue reading

On Hiatus

My LEGO SDF-1 has not been forgotten, I have been extremely busy with work. The good part about being self employed is that I make my own hours, the bad part is that if I’m not working every hour of the day 7 days a week I don’t make any money. I hope to have some time to spend with my LEGO SDF-1 sometime in August – hold tight!

Come back soon...

Macross: Do You Remember 1992?

When I first started this blog I mentioned I have been building LEGO SDF-1 models since I was a child. I lived overseas on a US Military base in Germany when I first saw and fell in love with Robotech (Macross). Unfortunately living there gave my parents very little access to the Robotech toys; growing up the only Robotech toy I had was a Tomahawk Destroid (far from the cream of the crop). The closest I ever came to a toy SDF-1 was looking at my upstairs neighbor’s.

However, it goes without saying that there was plenty of access to LEGOs in Germany. I was blessed that my parents thought they were good toys for me to have, so with the massive collection they brought me and my active imagination I would build all of the toys I could not get enough of: Voltron, Transfomers, GI Joe and of course Robotech.

I have not been able to find my earlier SDF-1 LEGO model, I hope I have not accidently thrown it away in my most recent move. However, in my boxes of old memories I did run across a number of photos of some of my earlier LEGO SDF-1 creations I would like to share:

Continue reading