More Reconstruction

The appearance of second half of the center white section (the section the bridge sits on) had been bothering me for a while; I felt it was not scaled correctly. The more I looked at the section and compared it to the pictures the more I could see a few of the curves and angles were off. What I noticed was when the bottom of section begins to curve inwards, the start of the curve is aligned to the middle of the circular section, see image:

Note the horizontal red line.

However on my LEGO SDF-1 the inward curve began to high up, at the top of the circle:

Note the horizontal yellow line, notice how the yellow line is above the circle LEGO. This is different from what was displayed in the line art above.

I also noticed another difference, on the line art the back top half of the white section had a slight curve down, and my section was flat:

Some may feel these issues were only a small, but to me it was a big deal, a big enough deal that it warranted the removal and reconstruction of the section. As is this section was hard to assemble, figuring out the angles and curves was already a challenge. Now deciding to scrap what I had already done – which was serviceable – in the pursuit of perfection caused me a little apprehensive, but it had to be done.

It took a few hours and it sapped many of my remaining white LEGOs but I was able to put together a new and improved 2nd center white section. I feel this new section is a more accurate representation of the curves and angles. It wasn’t as hard to put together as I feared it would be, using the prior construction as a template surely helped. Hope you like it:


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