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Sorry I have been away for so long, but real adult life often gets in the way and can keep even the best of us away from building with LEGO. Fortunately for me I have had a lot free time the past couple of days so I could dedicate time to making some progress on building my LEGO SDF-1.

One of the big issues I was having was with attaching the Main Guns after transformation. Each gun weighs over 2 lbs when hollow and I plan on inserting details inside of each so in the end they they possibly could weigh much more. What I used to connect the Main Guns to the body of the ship were three 6 stud long Technic axles (sorry no picture). I knew that using a simple stud connection wouldn’t work and after some trial and error with a couple of other techniques the 3 axles were the best method I could come up.

However, although it was the best method, it was not good enough. As you can see in the picture below, the Main Guns were tilting backwards; the 3 axles were not securely holding the Main Guns to the body of the ship. It was simply a weight issue; the Main Guns were simply just too heavy.

As you can see the connection is not tight, the Main Gun is peeling away from the body and is very unstable.

I had to come up with a new method to strengthen the connection of the Main Guns to the transformed SDF-1. With some of my spare pieces I was able to test out using a Technic plate at the top as a connector piece. Unfortunately when I checked Bricklink I learned this piece does not come in blue so it will take a little bit away from the appearance of the SDF-1 after transformation but I can live with that since this new method provides such a strong connection:

No gap with this connection method!

With this change I was able to switch to only 2 axles on the interior to connect the Main Guns to the body of the SDF-1. With that detail finalized I could also start to finish up on the bottom booster section here:

Still a little bit more work to be done on each side...

Next on the agenda is to begin building the arms of the SDF-1. This will of course be a challenge because I have to think ahead and come up with a way to build an arm assembly that will support a carrier whether the SDF-1 is in cruiser or in attack mode. This was always the biggest obstacle in the previous LEGO SDF-1 models I built.

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