Main Gun Tips Minor Reconstruction

Please forgive me for being away for so long! I FINALLY took some time this weekend to work on the SDF-1, albeit I only had time to work a very small section: the white tips of the Main Guns. This section has always bothered me; I never felt I got them completely right.

My first issue with this section is the gap in the slope, in the series of 2 x 3 slope bricks you can see one of the studs right at the transition point. This is only place on ship where a stud sticks out like this. I’m no LEGO purist but I do feel that this breaks some kind of unwritten rule. Either way, it has always bothered me and I wanted to use a technique to build this slope that would not result in exposed studs.

LEGO SDF-1 Main Gun Problem Section

Exposed Studs on the left and the center section has 5 different angles.

Second you’ll notice when looking at the diagrams below that the front tips of the SDF-1 are not just one sloping section, but a long sloping section (that has two separate slopes) interrupted by a large protruding center section that has a number of unique angles. This build (for me) was not easy to replicate and I felt I never got that center section’s angles correct.

SDF-1 Main Gun Tip Artwork

Good view of the slopes of the inner section.

Today I did my best to rectify both issues with the few hours of free time I had available.

Reconstruction begins...

It took me a while, much longer than I expected, to put together a new section that I felt was more faithful to images I have of the SDF-1. It was mostly playing around with the slope bricks, trying different combinations until I found one that I felt worked. Here is the new and improved section:

LEGO SDF-1 White Tips Reconstruction

Much Better!

As you can see above no more exposed studs ruining the integrity of the hull. It was a relatively easy fix, I’m mad at myself for not figuring out how to do it earlier. Perhaps the benefit of an extended time away helped me see the solution more clearly. Also, the center section still has a bunch of angles, but I feel they way it is constructed now is more true to the SDF-1 images I have been studying for this build.

Fortunately for me I had 98% of the pieces I needed to redo this section, I am only missing a couple that I’ll need to find on Bricklink later. I’m not sure what section I want to try to take on next, I’m thinking to keep some momentum going it probably should be a small project like the bridge…we’ll see. Building this ship is a blast, I only wish I have more free time to dedicate to it.

Rick vs. Tuna

I guess I shouldn't hold my breath waiting for the next Lego Macross update?

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