Macross: Do You Remember 1992?

When I first started this blog I mentioned I have been building LEGO SDF-1 models since I was a child. I lived overseas on a US Military base in Germany when I first saw and fell in love with Robotech (Macross). Unfortunately living there gave my parents very little access to the Robotech toys; growing up the only Robotech toy I had was a Tomahawk Destroid (far from the cream of the crop). The closest I ever came to a toy SDF-1 was looking at my upstairs neighbor’s.

However, it goes without saying that there was plenty of access to LEGOs in Germany. I was blessed that my parents thought they were good toys for me to have, so with the massive collection they brought me and my active imagination I would build all of the toys I could not get enough of: Voltron, Transfomers, GI Joe and of course Robotech.

I have not been able to find my earlier SDF-1 LEGO model, I hope I have not accidently thrown it away in my most recent move. However, in my boxes of old memories I did run across a number of photos of some of my earlier LEGO SDF-1 creations I would like to share:

Upclose shot of the bridge, too many lights! I can tell by the Technic bricks at the arms that this model most likely transformed, pretty good for 1992!

The above LEGO model was built in 1992 over the summer at my Grandmother’s house. I thought it was so fancy because of the inclusion of Macross Island. Also remember, this was all from memory, I hadn’t seen Macross in years.

The following model was built a couple of years later in 1994. By this time I had come accross an early dub of “Clash of the Bionoids” aka Marcoss: Do You Remember Love? I purchased the VHS tape at a toy store in White Marsh mall outside of Baltimore for $5. They had all of these VHS tapes stashed in a sale bin and when I saw the SDF-1 on the cover I knew it was Macross and I had to have it – what a steal for $5, I would have paid $50!!! I still have the tape today, but I digress. Watching the movie allowed me to construct a better SDF-1 (at the time I still did not know the movie version of the SDF-1 was totally different).

This model was special because I strong Christmas lights through out Macross Island, they are barely visible in the shot.

Sorry for the blur and lack of focus, but this was way before digital cameras.

I was so proud of this model! I actually sent the above phototo Carl Macek, I found the address for Streamline Pictures off of one my Streamline VHS tapes (I believe it was Akira). He wrote a quick note back, nothing special, just maybe ‘nice job.’ I wish I could find it now so I could post it up along with these photos.

He is such a fanboy! He actually sent a photo to Carl Macek!


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