SDF-1 Update

Once again I must apologize for being away for so long, but I have been working on the SDF-1! Unfortunately I just have not been taking photos as I should have been for this blog. I have been reworking/rebuilding a lot of SDF-1’s sections, trying to get it to look as much as possible like the real SDF-1. I have come a long way in the build since my last post, but I still have a long way to go.

Over the past few weeks I have been focused on the SDF-1’s look and details after transformation, I’m not sure if have ever posted a photo of my LEGO SDF-1 during its transformation so here you go:

SDF-1 Front (After Transformation)

SDF-1 Front (After Transformation)

SDF-1 Back (After Transformation)

SDF-1 Back (After Transformation)

As you can see it is still a work in progress, I don’t have the Arms, Bridge or Main Guns attached (the first portion of the Main Guns is still attached but not in the correct position) for the photos but hopefully you can still see a clear resemblance to the SDF-1. I have also spent a great deal of time of the legs and the center white section, see photo:

LEGO SDF-1 LegsI have added some sloping to the top front (top front after transformation) of the legs (on both the left and right of each leg) and to the top of center white cabin I added some curved pieces. For both of those effects it was a lot of trial and error but so far I am pleased with the outcome. These new pieces gives my LEGO SDF-1 a less ‘boxy’ LEGO look.

Below is a close-up picture of the SDF-1’s back, as you can see the center white section  still remains a work in progress. I am in the process of rebuilding the second set of boosters for the second time. When I looked at line art I could see that the second set of boosters resembled the first set, so I had to make the change. Even though it is not pictured, I have to mention that I also rebuilt (for at least the second time) the section of the Main Guns that first connect to the body of the SDF-1. That portion was never really complete and after some more studying of the line art I was able to ‘finish’ it up, at least for now I consider it finished.

SDF-1 Back Close-upPerhaps the section that has given me the most problems is the “rail section’ – the portion of the ship that the legs slide in and out on during the SD-1’s transformation. Creating the slide was tricky because I wanted both the top and bottom of the section to be covered in tile; then I had to figure the right length and width of the section. Most importantly, this section has to be reinforced in way that will make it strong enough to hold the entire SDF-1 upright after transformation. All this was no short order; I have rebuilt this particular section at least 3 times trying to achieve these objectives. I like the build for now, hope you too!


Lynn Minmay

OMG! I was shopping and I heard there was a LEGO SDF-1 Update! I need to get to the internet ASAP!

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