SDF-1 Update

Once again I must apologize for being away for so long, but I have been working on the SDF-1! Unfortunately I just have not been taking photos as I should have been for this blog. I have been reworking/rebuilding a lot of SDF-1’s sections, trying to get it to look as much as possible like the real SDF-1. I have come a long way in the build since my last post, but I still have a long way to go.

Over the past few weeks I have been focused on the SDF-1’s look and details after transformation, I’m not sure if have ever posted a photo of my LEGO SDF-1 during its transformation so here you go:

SDF-1 Front (After Transformation)

SDF-1 Front (After Transformation)

SDF-1 Back (After Transformation)

SDF-1 Back (After Transformation)

As you can see it is still a work in progress, I don’t have the Arms, Bridge or Main Guns Continue reading

Daedalus Build Part Two

I spent most of the day building the Daedalus and just as I said last week it continues to be quite challenging. I received two Bricklink orders on Friday and my wife has been gone all day which allowed me some time to get into some serious building. My goals for the day were:

  • See how the dark blue surface would look on the carrier
  • Begin to construct the bottom red portion of the ship
  • Put together the backend of the ship (the connection to the SDF-1)

I didn’t order any gray pieces last week because I was unsure of what the shade of gray to buy. My latest orders confirmed it was ‘light bluish gray,’ so I’ll add a bunch more light bluish gray inverted slopes, plates and bricks to my next Bricklink order so I can make some progress on the gray portions of the ship.

Lego Daedalus Part IThe photo above is my third rough draft of my LEGO Daedalus, as you can see I’m Continue reading

Start of the Daedalus Build

Daedalus openI finally started building the carriers, starting first with the Deadalus. I’ll admit I’ve been putting these off for a while for a number of reasons:

  • Ship Color: what shade of gray should I use for the body? LEGOs come in a number of shades of gray – light gray, dark gray, bluish gray, etc. Pinpointing the correct shade and ensuring that that shade comes in a large variety of pieces is definitely an obstacle.
  • Weight in Cruiser Mode: I expect the carriers to have some weight to them and this will make them hard to support, even in cruiser mode. I haven’t yet resolved how I will connect them to the ship and I know regardless of the connection each will require extra support. Continue reading

Main Gun Tips Minor Reconstruction

Please forgive me for being away for so long! I FINALLY took some time this weekend to work on the SDF-1, albeit I only had time to work a very small section: the white tips of the Main Guns. This section has always bothered me; I never felt I got them completely right.

My first issue with this section is the gap in the slope, in the series of 2 x 3 slope bricks you can see one of the studs right at the transition point. This is only place on ship where a stud sticks out like this. I’m no LEGO purist but I do feel that this breaks some kind of unwritten rule. Either way, it has always bothered me and I wanted to use a technique to build this slope that would not result in exposed studs.

LEGO SDF-1 Main Gun Problem Section

Exposed Studs on the left and the center section has 5 different angles.

Second you’ll notice when looking at the diagrams below that the front tips of the SDF-1 Continue reading


It is really, really, really hard to find time to spend finishing my LEGO SDF-1. Fortunately I am an entrepreneur and I love it, but unfortunately it leaves me very little free time, even on weekends! I took a break this Saturday and my wife was out of the house all day visiting friends leaving me alone with my favorite LEGO project. I didn’t get that much accomplished today, but still it was fun. Here is a snapshot of the bottom of the legs. I think I’m going to switch out the boosters though:

To give you an idea of the weight of the ship so far, just one hallow leg alone is 3 lbs. I don’t want to guess what the weight of the entire ship is now, but please know it is heavy! Because of the weight, I’m using six 1×1 plates (you can see on the far right) as pegs for the ship to stand on when either standing upright in crusier mode or after transformation. I would rather the 1×1 plates get scratched up over time on surfaces than the entire bottom of the legs. Continue reading