No Smoking on the Bridge Sir!

Unfortunately my last order from Bricklink all of the LEGOs were smoked out, I guess that’s the risk you take buying off the internet. The odor of cigarette smoke was so strong I had to place the box outside once I opened it. Of course the seller was no help when I contacted him about the situation, all he wanted was my money and he had that already.

To remedy I let them sit in soapy water for a few hours and then rinsed them off with hot water. Last I set them out to dry for the day. Hopefully this treatment will get rid of the cigarette smoke smell.

"I was just holding it I wasn't going to light it!"

First Contact

Hello and welcome to LEGO Macross! I’m really excited about this blog and my attempt to build the SDF-1 out of LEGO. I have dedicated myself to build the ultimate, most accurate and detailed LEGO model of the SDF-1 ever in honor of the 30th Anniversary of Macross and the fact that the year is 2012 which coincides with Macross: Flashback 2012 (Ironic? Yes!).

I have built numerous versions of the SDF-1 out of LEGO in the past, but unfortunately for me my prior version as well as 90% of my LEGO bricks are locked up in storage and it would be far too much trouble to try to locate them in a sea of boxes (I’ll be able to get to them sometime next month). So with this attempt I will have to start from scratch with all new bricks and all new building techniques – which really isn’t such a bad thing.

As I stated my goal is for this to be the most detailed, comprehensive, accurate, complex and precise SDF-1 ever made out of LEGO. I want to set the LEGO standard. I plan for this version to be: A) the largest version I ever built, B) to include a miniature Macross City and C) to transform. I have built smaller versions that transformed and held a small Macross City before, but never to the scale and detail that I plan for this version. Based on my prior experiences with previous builds I can already foresee numerous challenges with weight distribution, sturdiness, etc.  – but nothing is impossible!

I also have limited time span to build this ultimate LEGO SDF-1 for two reasons:  A) I don’t think my wife will put up with me spending months playing with LEGOS (she is only vaguely familiar with my fanboy obsession with Macross and LEGO) and B) my real life work will pick up considerably in April and will leave very little free time to work on this project. With the short timeframe and complexity of the build I know this project is really ambitious but I know I’m up for the challenge.