Macross: Do You Remember 1992?

When I first started this blog I mentioned I have been building LEGO SDF-1 models since I was a child. I lived overseas on a US Military base in Germany when I first saw and fell in love with Robotech (Macross). Unfortunately living there gave my parents very little access to the Robotech toys; growing up the only Robotech toy I had was a Tomahawk Destroid (far from the cream of the crop). The closest I ever came to a toy SDF-1 was looking at my upstairs neighbor’s.

However, it goes without saying that there was plenty of access to LEGOs in Germany. I was blessed that my parents thought they were good toys for me to have, so with the massive collection they brought me and my active imagination I would build all of the toys I could not get enough of: Voltron, Transfomers, GI Joe and of course Robotech.

I have not been able to find my earlier SDF-1 LEGO model, I hope I have not accidently thrown it away in my most recent move. However, in my boxes of old memories I did run across a number of photos of some of my earlier LEGO SDF-1 creations I would like to share:

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