Build Update

LEGO SDF-1 In ProgressI haven’t posted the entire LEGO SDF-1 work in progress for quite some time, so above is a quick photo (please excuse the poor quality, all I had available was my iphone). I had to connect the Daedalus to the SDF-1 to test the connection joint and make sure it all fit properly.

I’m think I’m good on the general shape of the SDF-1, so I’m beginning to add some details to the model. I’ve begun to add and refine some of the numerous guns found all along the top, bottom and sides the ship. I’ve also want to make the ship ‘smoother’ in appearance so I’ve order a number of blue and white tile pieces from Bricklink, can’t wait to see how that will look.

One of the biggest opportunity for improvement was the bottom of the center white section, I felt like again I wasn’t as faithful as I could be to the original SDF-1. I wanted to better replicate the angles and give the bottom a smooth (see the theme yet?) surface, here is the before and after:

LEGO SDF-1 Bottom Before


LEGO SDF-1 Bottom After


It took me a long, long time to finally get this part of the build together – and I’m still not done with the part that slopes up to the bridge. Using 2 x 3 slopes better reflect the angles than the prior 2 x 2 inverted slopes I was using, I’m very satisfied with the turnout so far. Also, the start of the legs of the SDF-1, I’ve never been fully pleased with that section either. I ordered a couple of white windscreens and I think they work better, see below:



I won’t bore you with any more of the small details. I have a couple of Bricklink orders coming in next week so I hope to be able to get some more updates in soon. Hopefully I’ll be able to start putting some finishing touches on the Daedalus and get started on the Prometheus. that all you've got? We want to see more.


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