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I have been a fan of Macross since first seeing Robotech on Armed Forces Television overseas in Berlin Germany in the mid-80s. I loved Transformers and GI Joe, but Robotech was my absolute favorite show bar none. It would only come on television on Saturday mornings, and run at no set time but I would stay glued to the TV hoping that the next show would be my beloved Robotech. Because of the randomness of when Robotech would be aired on AFT, I didnít get to see the entire Macross saga (or the rest of Robotech for that matter) until 10+ years later when I purchased it on VHS.

Because my family and I lived overseas during Robotechís heyday in the US, I didnít have much access to any of the toys; my parents couldnít easily go out and buy me a Veritech or a SDF-1 toy. Fortunately another toy, Legos, was very easy to come by. Realizing I was never going to get the actual toys and having an active imagination, I would build little Veritechs, the SDF-1 and Breetaiís battleship out of Legos.

I remember spending the summer at my Grandmotherís house and taking my obsession to the next level. Building the SDF-1 simply in cruiser mode was not good enough, I would build the SDF-1 so that it would transform. I would build the entire Macross Island. I would even try to build the Prometheus and Daedalus carriers so that they could float in the sink (I was unsuccessful). This was all from memory, at this time I didnít have the series on VHS or any of the comic books. As I moved into adolescence I was able to get my hands on a Robotech Art Book as well as a couple the edited Robotech VHS tapes from Family Home Entertainment. With the help of those items I was able to continue to refine my Lego SDF-1.

As time moved on and I moved into adulthood I mostly put my Legos and my passion for Macross away. But what true Macross fan doesnít own a few, or maybe a bunch, of Yamato or Masterpiece Valkyries? What fan doesnít pop in their DVDs every now and then on a Saturday afternoon and rewatch some of their favorite episodes of the entire series? What fan doesnít surf the internet for new news about Macross every once in a while? What fan doesnít check on eBay for a deal on the DYRL SDF-1 1/3000 scale model? I do, I do, I do, I do.

My other guilty Macross pleasure has been my dormant Lego SDF-1model that I have been building off and on for the past 25 years. As an adult I may have dusted it off once every 2 or 3 years and buy new pieces to try to improve upon it. Once finished - or if I was having some female company - back into the box it went. However in honor of the 30th anniversary of Macross, I want to join in the celebration and share my model with world of equally passionate Macross fans. My goal is to set the standard and build the most intricate and realistic SDF-1 Lego model ever. Iíll let you be the judge!